"Dr Chow is amazing!

I had bad back/neck pain after delivering my first baby and he spent time to understand my needs and gave me the exact treatment I needed! His office is very new and pretty!"

- S J, Google Review (Scarborough, ON)

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Chiropractic Care For New And Soon To Be Moms

Pregnancy is a 9 month marathon

Pregnancy is long journey that comes with many changes and challenges. There will be physiological changes, physical changes, and hormonal changes that can all affect the way you live your life. For many women, this can be highly demanding and taxing on the body. Working with a chiropractor can help you navigate through your pregnancy and beyond.

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Alleviate Pain And Tension

With fluctuations in hormones, an increase in weight, and changes in spinal alignment, it is no wonder that many women experience pain with pregnancy. Chiropractic can help with alignment and posture to spread loads more evenly and relax the tension in overworked muscles.

Reduce Fatigue

Adaptation is necessary to match the changes associated with pregnancy, but it takes a lot of energy for your body to keep up. Chiropractic treatment can give your body some much needed rest and relaxation, allowing it to reset and work more effectively.

More Comfortable Labour

A chiropractor can train you to be better prepared for childbirth by teaching you safe and effective exercises. Learning how to control your pelvic floor muscles and proper breathing will help facilitate the process.

Shorter Delivery Time

By keeping you mobile and ensuring your spine and pelvis are in good alignment, we can provide more space for your baby to move.

Diastasis Recti Prevention And Recovery

Diastasis recti is when the abdominal muscles become overstretched and separation occurs between the left and right sides. It is commonly found in post-partum women. A chiropractor will help teach you safe and effective abdominal exercises to better preserve the function of your abdominal muscles throughout pregnancy and close the gap faster after delivery.

Faster Return To Activity

Once you have given birth, you will need to recover from all the stress you endured the past 9 months. A chiropractor can help your body return to optimal alignment and guide you back to full fitness so you can get back to life sooner.

Do Not Feel Like You Have To Suffer Through Pregnancy Alone

Let us help you bring your body back to balance and feel more comfort throughout your journey.

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